Stories From Families

Stories From Families

If you want to hear how families feel about the recent proposed changes to the Ontario Autism Program, please click the following links below:

Concerned Parents

  • A rural family in the Thunder Bay area


My Superhero, Marshall

  • A single mom potentially having to relocate to Thunder Bay and leave her support system behind in order to try to receive services for her child


Fiona - A beautiful, clever, and happy little person

  • A family of 5 residing in Slate River, a rural area just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • 'With the Ford goverment's changes not only are we losing therapeutic capacity, and access to supporting programs, but we are going to have to figure out how to navigate an entirely new system again; all of the changes made by the current government add up to increasing barriers to acquiring care/support'


We don't need therapy. We've needed "stuff". Stuff that no other program covers.

  • A mother of four boys in Kenora, Ontario


'I grew up in Dryden and I still have some challenges. I probably would be diagnosed today with autism or on the autism spectrum by today's standards. I would't be were I am today if it wasn't for occupation, Physical and special education, supported employment, and support services at college also.

With the cuts that the Ford Government are doing will hurt all people in the future, and children will not be able (to) reach their full potential.'         Tracie Wallis

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