What We Do

What We Do

By providing information, resources and supports to families, professionals and community stakeholders, we believe that an inclusive community that welcomes and embraces all members is possible. TBFN assists in facilitation and development of family lead networks.

Networks Work!

As a family member, you know that the safety of your loved one with a disability is directly related to the number and quality of relationships in his or her life, as well as a system of checks and balances established by the family. These relationships can be developed and strengthened between families and in communities through the creation of personal networks of support.

TBFN's First Network

Several years ago, Eric and Debra Johnsen knew that their son Lindsey would benefit from a Circle of Support. It was hard to ask family and friends to join in this endeavour, but the first gathering was a success. In fact, Lindsey didn't want anything to do with it in the beginning, but lo and behold, it wasn't long before he in the middle of it all — knew that it was all about Lindsey! One of the suggestions coming from a subsequent network gathering was whether he would enjoy horseback riding. With help from a network member, Lindsey is now in his second year of enjoying this summer activity.

Today, TBFN is bringing Lindsey's lifetime network together as a model for other families. Through a facilitator supervised by TBFN, individuals in our community are stepping forward to help Lindsey realize a good life — one full of dreams, security, and friendship.

Network members all give of their time and talents. Lindsey's network includes family members, family friends, coworkers, neighbors, and other volunteers in the community.

As Debra says, "We won't be here forever and there is peace of mind knowing that Lindsey has caring friends and family around him — advocating for him and looking out for his best interests." Lindsey's sister Carrie is also pleased to see her brother surrounded by caring individuals. Debra adds, "this is a proven answer to the difficult question that every family struggles with — what will happen when we're gone?"

For more information on how to start a network, contact TBFN's Community Development Coordinator at 807-577-0034 or dana@tbfn.ca

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